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Inspiration and tools for self-leadership during crises

Inspiration for self-leadership

This is for you – a manager, a trainee, or simply, a fellow human being.

We are all leaders in our lives (to some extent). All of us face situations where unexpected crises happen, and everything is put to hold. However, how we choose to handle the setbacks reflects who we are as a person.

I find myself seeing something beautiful in the midst of all the chaos, a strong willingness to support and a desperate need for more positivity.

The cultural behaviours of our organisations are becoming more eminent now more than ever. The ability we possess to mobilise collaboration and unleash the power of community is tested every day. The leaders have a unique role – they need to adapt to these special circumstances quickly.

We want to support you with guidance, training, and education. You are invited to participate in the self-leadership e-learnings that we created for this purpose.

In the one for managers, we focus on what you need to consider while leading from a distance and some tips on how you can promote self-leadership.

inspiration for leaders

Download the e-learning material for managers now!

In the one for employees, we focus on how to manage your self. Our talent manager, Emelie Heikura, have gathered some fantastic tips on how to facilitate the best possible conditions while working from home. We created these initially for our customers, but because of the great response, we want to share it with all of you!

Inspire your employees today!

Keep fighting and succeed together!

Cecilia Holmblad

HR tech evangelist på Winningtemp. En ottröttlig optimist som tackvare upplevelserna under åren som Hrchef är fast övertygad om framgångsformeln: positiv medarbetarupplevelse + lönsamhet = sant.

New insights, new perspectives!

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