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Avega Group invests in employee development through Winningtemp


Winningtemp has helped the Avega management team to be proactive and take the necessary actions that were needed.
“We need to understand our consultants as well as possible to create an environment that is as healthy as possible. I believe strongly in this way of working. The fact that employees, through the tool, can give us clues about what we can do to help them succeed and of course, retain them, is precious”, says Fredrik Ring, CEO at Avega Group.

Avega Group records over 350 employees, distributed across several different companies specialising in digital transformation. They use Winningtemp throughout the organisation and have already witnessed positive results in areas such as work environment, employee development, and leadership. Winningtemp has now become a business-critical tool as its unique engine helps leaders develop and retain skilled consultants.

“It’s great to be able to see what’s happening in the organisation in real-time,” says Anette Melin, Head of HR, Avega Group.

Real-time data is absolutely crucial

The goal of Avega Group is to become the most attractive and progressive workplace for its employees. The reasons for choosing Winningtemp were three-fold. They wanted to have an understanding of how their employees and the organisation as a whole are affected by corporate decisions, be able to get real-time signals or red flags and to create a transparent company culture.

The CEO of Avega Group, Fredrik Ring, talks to Winningtemp about the importance of focusing on employee development.

“In our industry, everyone wants to attract the best consultants. Therefore, we have to understand what they think of us, whether there is something we can do better or something we should do differently. It is not enough to have this understanding just once or twice a year. Simply put, we need to understand our consultants as well as possible to create an environment that is as healthy as possible. I believe strongly in this way of working. The fact that employees, through the tool, can give us clues about what we can do to help them succeed and of course, retain them, is precious.

The effects of employee insights and pulse measurement

Avega decided to try Winningtemp for a pilot project for several months, with employees being involved both before, during, and after the project. Their inputs tipped the scale towards investing in Winningtemp. The pilot project was so successful that Avega chose to implement the platform across all the groups, which at present affects all seventeen specialised subsidiaries and approximately 350 employees.

Winningtemp helped the Avega management team to be proactive and take the necessary actions at just the right moment.

“The management perspective is probably the most significant part. The goal was to provide managers with a tool to continuously measure and understand how their organisations are doing. This has helped the management to be able to act more quickly. Having a user-friendly tool and being able to work in a data-driven way is so important. It’s worth highlighting that Winningtemp is not just a tool that HR initiates and implements. The pulse surveys and the insights gleaned are leveraged by the entire organisation because of the fact that these affect everyone.”, says Marketing Manager Ulrika Nyberg.

Avega Group

Anette points out that there’s an increase in interest among the managers to have expertise in areas such as health and safety issues. When the manager of each company receives the results, they sometimes come up with follow-up questions to understand how to handle the information that they have collected. They are increasingly becoming more receptive to gather more knowledge and insights.

“A somewhat unexpected effect is that we have been able to work more with questions about the work environment than we might expect. Our managers not only have a responsibility to look after the well-being of the consultants but also to ensure that the consultants have been assigned to those customers whose working environment complies with the existing laws and regulations. This means that we can take even greater responsibility when it comes to a healthier work environment.”

Annual surveys were not enough

As a consulting company, Avega is dependent on its skilled consultants. It’s their knowledge and expertise that contributes to Avega’s unique position in the market. Therefore, it’s crucial for them to create a workplace environment that attracts skilled individuals.

Previously, they used annual employee surveys to gauge the employees’ experience and their satisfaction quotient. Quite naturally, the final results of these surveys were not only outdated, but they were also really hard to analyse. It took several weeks to get the results, and when the results arrived, it took a few more weeks just to study them. As a result, the survey outcome was no longer perceived to be pertinent, and managers felt that the large mass of information was confusing to break down and transform into specific action items.

In her role as marketing manager, Ulrika is also responsible for internal communication in the group. She explains how the need to measure employee experience at the workplace grew steadily over time.

“We want to be the best workplace. To do that, we need to understand how employees perceive their current situation and how they react to the changes that affect the whole organisation. Previously, we used to send employee surveys once a year. It was far too difficult to do anything with the results as it took several weeks to produce them, and then several more weeks to go through them. By then, the results were no longer valid. We also heard complaints that the managers found it challenging to process.”

The management team felt that there was a need to invest in a modern solution that could measure the ” temperature ” of the organisation and help them understand in real-time how their employees felt about changes and the management decisions. Being able to show managers and employees simply and transparently what the “temperature” looks like was the top priority.

Partnership and flexibility

When the decision was made to invest in an employee experience solution, the team decided to invite several suppliers to get a clear picture of what the market had to offer. Anette Melin revealed the criteria they had set.

“The most important features we wanted were that it would be an easy-to-use application and that it should be easy to get answers to questions. It should not be complicated for the user in any way. Being able to see the results in real-time was a crucial factor for us. We also wanted there to be a pedagogical analysis tool so that we could easily understand the results that were presented even if there was a lot of information. At the same time, we needed flexibility, that we could customise certain functions such as the question frequency or even the questions that we’ll send out to the people.”

The management team chose Winningtemp because it not only met the criteria and expectations that Avega had set, but it also exhibited a willingness to allow customers to be involved and influence the development of the platform. 

“There are several reasons why we chose Winningtemp’s solution. They were curious about what we as a future customer needed. We experienced a lot of flexibility and transparency, where we could be involved and influence how the tool would evolve further and also be customised. We co-created parts of the tool, and this was a huge plus for us. We continue to collaborate as we feel that our voice as a customer plays a role in the development of the tool, “concludes Anette.

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