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E.ON customer story: Clear visualisation of employees’ wellbeing is the key

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Since the spring of 2019, E.ON Nordic has been using Winningtemp to understand the employees’ job satisfaction levels and how they perceive their work environment. E.ON has over 2000 employees and more than 87% participate in the regular company ‘temperature’ measurements.
”The fact that the response rate is so high confirms that the staff feels that the tool makes a difference and paves the way for improvements”, says Hanna Havelius, Head of Talent and Development at E.ON Sweden.

Up until the spring of 2019, E.ON Sweden used annual employee surveys to explore how the staff felt about their working conditions and leadership capabilities. But, the method was cumbersome, and the results of the survey were deemed obsolete by the time they were presented to the management team. Consequently, any action taken to rectify the situation was already too late. The company was, therefore, looking for an alternative to facilitate more productive conversations between managers and employees. They chose Winningtemp, which had previously been pilot-tested by a focus group within the company with excellent results.

It’s safe to say that the tool lived up to its expectations.

“A colleague of mine pointed out the contrast perfectly. With the annual employee surveys, we got a solid set of results to relate to, but it was measured on only one occasion. While with Winningtemp, we continuously measure the ‘work temperature’. Also, instead of just measuring it, we follow the trends and changes in temperature over time and analyse the reasons behind it. It gives us much better ammunition to be proactive in solving any problems and developing what’s working!”

“Since Winningtemp is a transparent tool, everyone, including employees, can access the temperature of their group in real-time. This makes it easier for both the manager and employees to address both positive and negative developments within the group quickly. So Winningtemp has really helped us in developing the ongoing dialogue between managers and employees.”

Each week, the staff can answer four questions, either in the browser or in the Winningtemp app. E.ON has chosen to use Winningtemp’s standardised basic questions as they are based on research, thus enabling comparison with other companies in the same industry. If one of the employees responds negatively, the tool’s AI function ensures that a similar question is asked the following week. In this way, the managers get a clear picture of what is not working and can use it as a starting point in the dialogue with their department.

“In recent years, we have been working actively to develop our feedback culture, and Winningtemp provides an accurate picture of how employees experience different components of their work life. For us, the introduction of the tool has enabled us to work more constructively with issues related to the working environment, and I truly recommend it to other companies”, concludes Hanna Havelius.

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