Winningtemp’s employee surveys improved work environment at Framtidenkoncernen


Framtidenkoncernen have chosen Winningtemp’s digital platform to create a happier workplace.
"Winningtemp gives us the prerequisites for developing the organisation, to get employees involved and to do their best," says Linda Björk, HR manager for Framtidenkoncernen.

Committed employees are a vital ingredient in creating a successful organisation. Framtidenkoncernen is one of many enterprises that have chosen Winningtemp’s digital platform to create a happier workplace.

“Winningtemp gives us the prerequisites for developing the organisation, to get employees involved and to do their best,” says Linda Björk, HR manager for Framtidenkoncernen.

Framtidenkoncernen is Sweden’s largest public-sector organisation and manages over 72,500 apartments in Gothenburg. The group employs over a thousand people, and it attaches great importance to employees feeling enthusiastic about their jobs.

Previously they used simple questionnaires to measure employee wellbeing and engagement. But the method was cumbersome, and in the worst-case scenario, it took up to two years before the management team could be aware of any such problems. To streamline the process, Framtidenkoncernen is now using Winningtemp’s AI-powered platform to measure employees’ perception of their working conditions and collect data in real-time.

“The old process with surveys conducted every two years was extremely sluggish,” says Linda Björk. “Criticism or opinions were outdated, and sometimes forgotten, before they reached the responsible manager and management teams. With Winningtemp we get much quicker feedback and can take action systematically.”

Linda Björk

A User-Friendly Tool Based on Scientific Research

Instead of survey questionnaires, employees can now respond to queries regularly in Winningtemp. The platform’s algorithms collect complex data that is visualised in the form of “temperature measurements” of the workplace climate, giving the management team insights into employee engagement, motivation and stress levels. The goal of the platform is to contribute to greater job satisfaction by facilitating discussions about leadership, working conditions, etc.

“We chose Winningtemp because it’s important for us that the questions asked are based on research,” says Linda Björk. “The easily accessible functionalities of the tool was another reason for going with Winningtemp. For example, feedback can be sent to the responsible manager and HR department regarding things like stress or discrimination. Ease of use and administration were also important factors.”

Proven Ability to Impact Employee Engagement

Framtidenkoncernen’s goal is to be an inclusive workplace where employees enjoy a sense of belonging all the while being encouraged to take initiatives and utilise their individual abilities. Winningtemp help leaders put employees’ opinions into focus, thus helping to create an engaging workplace. Till date, it has been tested by a smaller team within the group, but the response has been so positive that it will now be implemented throughout the organisation.

“We started with trials last autumn, and we already have instances where managers were given concrete support to strengthen their leadership abilities,” says Linda Björk. “We’ve also seen that certain workgroups have problems that need to be addressed. In other cases, it has served as an indicator confirming our notion of what we feel is working well, which contributes to an increasing level of engagement.”

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