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What is the current climate at work?

Follow progress and well-being in real time.

Job satisfaction and profitability are connected. That’s why we’ve created Winningtemp, a unique Swedish innovation to help your personnel enjoy work, grow professionally and contribute to the growth of the organisation.

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Visual overview

Winningtemp collects and visualises data on how your personnel perceives leadership, meaningfulness, task fulfilment and satisfaction in their everyday work. This is made possible by Winningtemp’s unique engine for the collection of data in real time.

With a clear and current overview of your organisation’s well-being, you’ll be able to work proactively in order to take advantage of emerging opportunities and handle potential problems at an early stage.

Rapid goal management

Rapid goals



With Winningtemp, you and your personnel will have continuous insight into organisational and individual goals and achievements. This transparency will create meaningfulness, team spirit and opportunities for constant improvement. The growth of the individual and that of the organisation go hand in hand.

Systematic way of working

Winningtemp will increase the efficiency and ensure the quality of your management. A systematic way of working, with reminders and documentation, will help you develop your organisation more actively without requiring more time and putting in more work.

Mobile simplicity

Winningtemp is designed to be used by everyone in your organisation, as often as possible and wherever they are at the moment. That’s why we built an attractive, simple and user-friendly mobile app. Easy access will make the development of your organisation everyone’s concern, every day. Of course, Winningtemp is available for use on a PC or Mac as well.

Everything you need is included

  • Server
  • Daily backup
  • Support and training
  • Free upgrade to new versions

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