Revolutionise your way of working with Winningtemp

Connect the dots between engagement, performance, productivity, and growth with Winningtemp's comprehensive employee experience solution.


Analyse employee well-being and increase engagement

Automated insights and action suggestions

Winningtemp helps you improve the employee experience in the organisation with the help of AI and research. Winningtemp collects, visualises, and analyses data in real-time and automatically generates insights and suggestions for actions based on the results.

A holistic approach to employee development

With the help of Winningtemp’s comprehensive tools for (among other things) goal setting, skills development, and performance management, you can be proactive in leveraging employees’ potential and increasing their engagement. Predictive analytics helps you minimise staff turnover and eliminate future risks.


Modern employee surveys based on AI and research

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Well-being in real-time

Ask employees relevant questions and monitor real-time data based on nine categories that define a prosperous organisation – from participation and leadership to personal development.

Analyse and evaluate

Create an overview of the entire organisation in a comprehensive matrix and observe how the groups differ. Analyse discrepancies and evaluate causes directly with the teams.

Intelligent suggestions

Get quick feedback on what needs to be improved with concrete tips and suggestions for action based on the results. Create tasks, prioritise actions, and keep track of the metrics.


Meaningful conversations that motivate - for real

Work continuously with each employee’s personal development in structured employee performance review & feedback meetings. Create meeting templates, plan, and document the conversations directly in the tool – and easily keep track of the tasks, decisions, and goals discussed previously.


Set goals and automatic follow-ups

Drive innovation and transparency by setting goals for the entire organisation in one platform. Connect the company goals to each employee’s personal objectives, follow the development month by month and discover how everyone contributes along the way in a visual tree view.


Educate the entire organisation effectively

Strengthen leadership skills and employee competencies to focus on both professional and personal growth. Collect digital resources, document every learning opportunity and let employees evaluate the various educational efforts along the way to quality assure your skills development efforts.