Agile Performance Management

Initiate meaningful conversations to motivate and inspire


Ongoing evaluation and feedback sessions

Retain your top talents by focusing on their goals, challenges, and achievements. Holding continuous feedback sessions in addition to the annual employee performance reviews gives rise to new opportunities. Both the managers and employees are given the chance to take responsibility and focus on development that creates results – both for the individual and for the entire organisation.


Connect 1:1s to goals and skills development

Ongoing one-on-ones help keep track of each employee’s goals and personal development in the organisation. Connect each one-on-one to the individual goals and growth plans, validate the decisions you make during the meeting and schedule regular follow-ups. Winningtemp makes it easy to document your meetings and presents them in a clear timeline, so you know exactly what you have been discussing from time to time.


Plan, document, and evaluate

Custom-built templates to prepare for one-on-ones

Use our original templates or create your own for different one-on-ones – from evaluation sessions to exit interviews, to have a meeting structure ready in advance. Schedule events in the calendar and let Winningtemp remind you when it’s time. Send out questions that the employee can directly answer in the platform, so both of you are prepared for the call.

Set goal-oriented follow-ups

Compare with previous one-on-ones and visualise the employee’s goals and actions in a systematic fashion. Evaluate the results and revise goals and objectives as required. By recording all the communications in a single tool, you can easily identify risks and opportunities.

Confirm and record discussions easily

Note down everything you talk about during the meeting – from targets to action plans and other related discussions. The employee can check and confirm the moments of the meeting directly in the tool, and thus the one-on-one will be marked as approved.

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