Employee Engagement Insights

Intelligent employee engagement surveys powered by machine learning

Scrap the traditional annual employee surveys and visualise the well-being of your employees in real-time. Analyse trends over time and get automated actionable suggestions to constantly improve employee experience.


Measure and improve employee engagement

9 categories to measure well-being

Monitor how your organisation is doing based on nine different categories that together form a comprehensive definition of the optimal employee experience. From personal development and team spirit to work situation and leadership – Winningtemp’s employee surveys give you real-time data on how the organisation is feeling and performing based on the decisive factors.

Suggestions to enable proactivity

Develop proactive leadership with a focus on continuous improvement. With Winningtemp, you can identify and address challenges in time – before it’s too late. At the same time, every employee is given the opportunity to participate and influence the development of the organisation.


Research-based employee surveys

Winningtemp collects and analyses data based on a total of 60+ research-based questions that are sent out to employees. Based on the answers, each person receives sequential questions aimed at finding and resolving deviations. Each week, the system automatically sends reports to each manager with insights and comments based on the results. Responses are measured against indexes based on Winningtemp’s collected statistics.


The pulse of the entire organisation

Winningtemp gives you crucial insight into how the whole organisation is feeling and performing – from the holistic view down to the individual level. Monitor the temperature mapping of different teams, offices, or departments in an extensive matrix and analyse in-depth variations. Based on the unique responses to the survey questions, you can easily engage in dialogue with specific groups and employees to understand and improve the condition.


Mitigate risks with expert advice

Get actionable feedback on areas of improvement and solid support to prioritise your plan of action. Winningtemp automatically generates suggestions based on the advice of experts in the areas where you need help and allows you to create activities that help you increase employee engagement in the future. The Smart Prediction feature can detect dissatisfaction triggers and alert the managers of at-risk groups or anonymous team members.


Smart tools that deliver results

employee insights smart tools

360-degree praise function

Encourage colleagues or team members by appreciating their strengths and skills directly in the tool. Praise can be shared for private or public view.

Chat anonymously

Allow employees to express their thoughts anonymously via a secure channel. Offer help and guidance, answer questions, or initiate meaningful dialogues in a chat with colleagues.

Compare different groups

Discover differences and similarities between departments or teams through comparisons, and analyse in detail which issues or areas need to be discussed and improved further.

See trends over time

Compare results and developments month by month, evaluate what you have done differently and work on the positive or negative trends to deliver a smoother employee experience.