Skills & Leadership Development

Empower both employees and leaders to drive the business forward


Talent management made easier

Monitoring and strengthening unique skills in the organisation is an integral part of the overall development. With Winningtemp, you can gather, document, and evaluate all your different educational resources in one place. That makes it easy for both the managers to get an overview and the employee to learn new skills.


All-in-one platform

From onboarding to further education – in Winningtemp, you can upload all the digital materials that contribute to the employees’ skills development from their very first working day. Save training movies, webinars, guides and tutorials so each person can work with the educational material they need at their own pace. Everything is documented along the way, so the employee can see what has been done so far and what lies ahead.


Follow-ups for effective skills development

You can publish good-to-know information and in-depth materials on different courses for the entire organisation to take part in. Invite participants, post the preparatory content and initiate discussions about current courses.

After each session completion, employees are allowed to report and rate their experience to ensure quality training. The evaluations contribute to new insights on how you can improve learning and skills development in the business.