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Keeping staff and managers connected

In the day-to-day work, internal debriefings risk being postponed or cancelled in favour of more urgent matters. Winningtemp helps you plan and remember these debriefings. You decide the frequency and then receive a push notification when a debriefing is coming up.

Manage new key performance indicators

It can be challenging to stay on course after debriefings. How do we remember what we agreed on last time and what we should talk about next time? Winningtemp makes it easy to document your debriefings by presenting them graphically on a clear timeline. You are kept right up to date with current information about how everything is progressing.

Verify and record important information

The point of working systematically with regular debriefings is to maintain long-term progress. Therefore it’s important to know what happens in between debriefings. Winningtemp makes it easy to verify events, actions and goals reached.

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