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Clear purpose within the organisation

According to research, the most important factor for success and well-being in an organisation is that the personnel have a sense of purpose; that they’re able to contribute to a common goal. Winningtemp makes it clear to everyone where the organisation is heading and why.

Transparency and participation

The progress of the individual and that of the organisation go hand in hand. Winningtemp lets you define goals on three different levels: organisation, group and personal. This will promote both participation and autonomy by showing how individuals can contribute by working towards their personal goals.


Frequent follow-ups are necessary to assess progress and adjust goals along the way. Are we moving forwards? Are we still headed in the right direction? Winningtemp lets you and your co-workers keep track based on up-to-date data on actions, events, goals and evaluations.

Reminders and notes

Effective leadership still requires human interaction. Winningtemp’s reminders and notes are meant to be a support and a complement in order to help you become an even more active and present leader.

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