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Manage and document training

Winningtemp offers tools and routines for managing and organising the training and development of your personnel. Every training session will be documented and can be followed up easily

Mobile dialogue

Use the Winningtemp mobile app to communicate about training sessions and to discuss them with your personnel. The comments function facilitates an active dialogue before and after every training session.

Evaluate training sessions

After each training session, all participants can quickly and easily share their experience thanks to Winningtemp’s unique engine for collecting data in real time. This will offer insights about potential improvements and contribute to assessments about the quality of your training and development efforts.

Rapid learning – any time

There is always a need for training and development, but maybe not for everyone at the same time. Winningtemp lets you publish, distribute and follow up e-learning sessions, which can be completed individually at a convenient time and place.

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