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Real-time progress

Rather than checking in with your personnel once or twice a year, with Winningtemp you can follow their progress continuously in real time. Without additional time and work.

Winningtemp collects data in real time on how personnel perceive goal fulfilment, events and actions thus providing you with up-to-date status reports as well as an overview of developments over time.

Up-to-date information about the progress of your personnel

Perceptions, ambitions and experiences are constantly changing depending on the development of the individual and the group. Winningtemp’s unique algorithms are designed to collect a wealth of data about developments reported by your personnel and then collate and present the data graphically and logically so it is easy to gain an overview.

Insights for better results

The data is only the beginning. Winningtemp allows you to analyse different variables to see how they might be correlated. How does an increase in sales affect job satisfaction in the organisation? How has the latest reorganisation affected the personnel’s sense of autonomy? Well-founded insights will help you make well-founded decisions.

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