About us

We enable you to succeed together as a team

Our vision and goals

Drive better collaborations and results

Engaged employees are the key to profitability

We are passionate about creating thriving workplaces. Since 2014, we have been developing a revolutionary solution that helps managers and leaders to measure and improve the well-being of their entire organisation. Powered by AI, our platform enables you to visualise employee development and gain insights that enhance engagement and mental well-being while minimising stress and staff turnover. By strengthening employee experiences, we create high-performing workplaces worldwide.

We nurture employees throughout their lifecycle

Job satisfaction and profitability are inter-connected. That’s why we focus on strengthening the entire lifecycle of an employee, from onboarding to offboarding. The individual and the organisation’s development go hand in hand – and through Winningtemp, you can quickly see how each employee feels and contributes along the way. With smart insights and recommended actions, the platform helps you leverage the potential of your employees and maximise the business bottom line.

Our milestones

Winningtemp throughout the years

October 2014

Winningtemp receives the Innovation grant and the company kicks off

December 2014

Finalist in the competition “Pitch your idea” and collaboration with Chalmers Industrial Technology for conceptual development

February 2015

The Västra Götaland region awards Winningtemp.

Winningtemp opens its first office at Chalmers Innovation

June 2015

Winningtemp launches its innovative product on 1st June after a number of test runs for 6 months with our pilot batch of customers

April 2016

Winningtemp gets partly state-owned as ALMI Invest invests in the company, followed by Chalmers Ventures and other angel investors

September 2016

Winningtemp is selected as one of the most promising startups to represent Sweden in Slush, Helsinki, Finland

February 2017

Winningtemp is selected for Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley

May 2018

Winningtemp wins 2nd place in TNW TECH5 as the fastest growing tech company in Sweden and 27th place in Europe based on economic growth

December 2018

The Norrsken Foundation, which aims to invest in community-enhancing companies with an ambition to influence 1 billion people, joins Winningtemp as a partner

August 2019

Winningtemp opens new offices in London and Oslo

Medarbetare är nyckeln till framgång
Drive growth and agility

Improve your leadership competencies

Employees are the key to achieving success in an organisation. To increase the overall well-being and create an environment for more effective collaborations, you require something more than annual employee appraisals or age-old random surveys. Winningtemp facilitates proactive leadership and helps you constantly identify and work on new opportunities that deliver results.

Succeed with Customer Success

Personal support for maximum utilisation

Our goal is for everyone who works with Winningtemp to change their organisation for the better. That is why we work actively to support and educate you so that you can use Winningtemp to the max. Together with your Customer Success Manager, you get the guidance required to set up, implement, and optimise the tool for the best result possible.

Our values

Working at Winningtemp

We show passion

Here you will find people who want to make a difference – on many levels. We always strive for that something extra that can help organisations engage their employees and create prosperous workplaces. We care about each other, our customers and our mission, and drive each other forward, every day.

We take responsibility

At Winningtemp, everyone takes responsibility for their own development. We all have different backgrounds and experiences and contribute equally to the company’s overall results and success factors. Everyone sets their own goals and benefits from each other’s lessons and development along the way.

We create results together

Winningtemp aims to become a world leader in the industry. Every day, we work hard to get closer to that goal and celebrate success along the way. We are a high-performing group that strives for our customers to reach their full potential with Winningtemp – and we are proud of how much we’ve achieved.

We are curious

The world is constantly changing – and we at Winningtemp are in the middle of the revolution. We are constantly exploring new ways to optimise our platform and strengthen our entire business. One of our main ambitions is for all our employees to be able to grow and develop at the same pace as the company, in order to achieve their dreams.