Employee experience drives profitability

Our platform gives you the tools to measure the temperature of your workforce, boost employee engagement, and make measurable gains in performance.

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Winningtemp employee experience software

With many workforces scattered across cities and time zones, the daily question for leaders is: how are your people doing?  

Winningtemp’s platform enables leaders to understand their employees’ needs, concerns, and motivation levels. Real results follow. After a year of using Winningtemp, our customers record, on average, a 21% increase in job satisfaction amongst their employees.

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A single platform for elevating employee experience

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Support wellbeing and productivity

Whether your staff is working from home or on-site, it’s important to stay in tune with everyone’s mental state and their ability to focus on their work.

Winningtemp’s employee pulse survey results are interpreted by the platform’s AI, which recognises if conditions are trending towards burnout, turnover, or sickness absence.

Thanks to this heads-up and the ability to take swift, targeted action, our customers report an average 26% decrease in negative stress and a 30% reduction in employee turnover.

Manage employee engagement

Your employees will give their best if they know that what they are doing matters, and that they are trusted to pursue company objectives.

Our platform uniquely combines goal-setting and professional development frameworks. This brings performance management to a whole new level, helping your employees understand exactly how they can contribute to your organisation’s success.

After a year of using Winningtemp, customers record an average 21% lift in job satisfaction levels.