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HR Success Factors – Tips from our Customer Success Manager

Winningtemp Customer Success

Winningtemp’s customer success manager Matilda Andersson was one of the first hires of Winningtemp. She sees a significant difference in how HR works now compared to when she started her journey at Winningtemp just over two years ago.

“Even the most conservative industries are starting to leverage the opportunities of digitisation to become more agile in HR,” says Matilda Andersson at Winningtemp.

Employee well-being is as important as business revenue

When Matilda started working at Winningtemp, she had no idea what lay in front of her. She felt the energy and drive of the founders Pierre and Mathias, and their enthusiasm rubbed off! She understood that there was a certain amount of risk in joining a startup that’s still in its early stages, but she was captivated by the founders’ grand plans and wanted to become a part of them.

“I haven’t regretted the decision for a second, and it turned out that I could trust my gut feelings,” says Matilda.

Matilda’s duties as the customer success manager include helping customers gain the highest possible value from Winningtemp.

“I provide customers with initial support by planning the onboarding of Winningtemp together with them,” she says. “Next, I guide them through a process for finding an appropriate approach for implementing Winningtemp in their organisations. When the customer has found the right approach, and it has become natural for them to talk about well-being as revenue figures, that’s when I’m satisfied. “

Matilda notices a huge contrast in how HR works now compared to two years ago. When she started at Winningtemp, HR departments wanted to implement Agile HR. Still, many organisations were not yet prepared when it came to working with digital employee surveys in real-time.

“Many organisations were not mature enough, but there were early adopters in HR who jumped on board and saw the benefits of working agilely and digitally,” she says. “Today, the situation is quite different, and even the most conservative industries are starting to open their eyes to leveraging opportunities of digitalisation in becoming more agile when it comes to HR. ”

HR success factors

The biggest challenge Matilda has identified is working proactively with HR issues. HR has traditionally been viewed as a peripheral function, but as society evolves and employee influence is strengthened, the authority of HR departments has increased. Having an appealing workplace buzz with energy and good vibes is one of the most crucial factors in attracting and retaining talents.

Unless HR is mandated to work proactively with well-being, the organisation’s all-important employer brand is left to chance. Matilda has identified two success factors for creating an HR department that meets the new requirements.

“Organizations that work proactively with HR often have a strong mandate on the management team. Furthermore, companies at the forefront have often found enthusiasts in the organisation who help spread HR’s message, ”she says.

Matilda believes that there is a clear link between HR and profitability. With digital tools like Winningtemp, an HR department can work data-driven, freeing up time that can instead be put into activities that create value. That entails that HR can show how their work contributes to business value. A snowball effect is created – the more HR can demonstrate business value, the more influence the department will have.

“HR can improve the opportunities for a business’s employees, which in turn leads to high-performing organisations,” says Matilda. “By working proactively with factors linked to well-being, HR can contribute to increased profitability.

Lastly, Matilda sums up what it takes to create a modern HR department.

“First of all, there must be support from the management team. With no support from above, it’s difficult to get the entire organisation to listen. You also have to understand the importance of proactive work and digital tools. Finally, you need to be responsive to what the employees want, combined with a business approach, ”says Matilda.

Hannah Wigren

Hannah är Head of Demand Generation på Winningtemp. Hennes största förebild är Simon Sinek, kanske för att de delar tron på en ljus framtid och vår förmåga att bygga den tillsammans. Mest av allt tror hon dock på evig kärlek, inte minst mellan HR och Tech!

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